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"Vicky was determined to get us our first place"

Vicky was determined to get us our first place. She never gave up on us, regardless how long it took. Vicky was patient, understanding and always looked out for our best interest. Overall, it was a great experience working with Vicky, we've already recommended her to our friends.

- Angelo D - San Jose

"Vicky was extremely professional, very prompt"

Vicky was extremely professional, very prompt, learned exactly what we wanted very quickly and filtered all of the homes accordingly. She struck an excellent balance between recommending aggressive competitive bids yet bids that are not overpaying. As a result, we finished 3rd out of 18th with our first bid and then got the second house that we bid on with the lowest of 4 bids (due to clever bid structuring). Vicky works all hours of the day to make sure that the deal went through smoothly. I would highly recommend her.

- Josh L. - San Jose

"Awesome experience selling my home"

Awesome experience selling my home (under contract in a week, closed in less than a month)....I was really happy with Vicky works - great communication, great at explaining things and excellent results. I've already told all my family and friend about Vicky. I promise you won't be disappointed!

- Thanh L. - San Leandro

"Vicky has provided fantastic service during our house hunting"

Vicky has provided fantastic service during our house hunting. She was never pushy and always wanted to give us time to make the decision. She also helped us from buying houses that we could have hated after the purchase, by asking some good question that helped us make the right decision. We are very happy today in our new home and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

- Ajay K. - San Jose

"My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Vicky Le"

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Vicky Le on the recent puchase of our new home. We had many questions and concerns throughout the process and Vicky was there each step of the way making sure we understood and were comfortable with everything that was going on. In addition to her expertise and patience, she was also very responsive to our phone calls, emails and texts which we greatly appreciated. Vicky is also very knowledgeable with regard to strategy in making offers. During our house search we were outbid on two other homes before getting our home due to the fact we could not afford to offer more. Vicky was spot on about what type of offer we would need to make in order to get the homes (I later checked to see what they ended up selling for). When we closed on our current home, my husband and I were not only very pleased with the home we purchased, but also with the price we paid. We are very happy we decided to work with Vicky and would love to work with her again!

- Nicole I. - San Jose

"Vicky is hands down the most hard working agent"

Vicky is hands down the most hard working agent I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She helped us with identifying properties that suit our needs, made sensible recommendations regarding the gives and takes, pros and cons of each property we were interested in. She made appointments around our busy work schedule and personally viewed properties we were interested in along our side. Throughout the closing process, she stayed on top of all of the service providers involved to help ensure a timely close, arranged the necessary inspections and thoroughly read and understood inspection results before going over them with us. She even helped with working out the logistics of moving in. I can't imagine having done this without her help. She's an absolute star-class professional.

- Jason H – Pleasanton

"We were in the market looking for a house for quite some time before we met Vicky"

We were in the market looking for a house for quite some time before we met Vicky! She understood our requirements very well and was very aggresive in the search. She was very prompt throughout, technically savvy and has an excellent team to work for the closing! The amazing part about Vicky is that she is so updated with the current market situation and guides her clients appropriately! We highly recommend her to all.

- Gazal S. - Santa Clara

"Vicky is very professional and effective"

Vicky is very professional and effective. She knows how to compete in a competitive market that often requires very short turnaround times. She is very quick and knowledgeable in responses, and seemingly available around the clock. We were able to clear relatively gracefully the many obstacles in the home-buying process, and she has been helpful and available following the closing in finding and arranging contractor work

- Ben B. - San Jose

"Vicky sold our townhouse/condo for us"

Vicky sold our townhouse/condo for us. She took care of all inspections and fixes for our home. Brought in people for the fixes in our home , took care of the staging .It was a compare hands off headache free sale for us and what more, we got more than we expected for the home. Vicky has been super awesome to work with and is now helping us buy a home as well.

- Aravind K. – Sunnyvale

"Vicky was very responsive in checking out properties"

Vicky was very responsive in checking out properties, provided information on the neighborhood and the property. When bidding, she was very orderly in completion of the papers, which, was all electronic and easy, and during the bidding process provided constant feedback on where the offer stood. She made sure we closed the deal. Vicky was very attentive after the purchase, provided replies to queries promptly and is very friendly. Excellent buying experience and highly recommend Vicky.

- Tarak S. - San Jose

"I’ve worked with Vicky several times"

I've worked with Vicky several times in the last year. Vicky is phenomenal, she has a great sense of urgency and understands how the market works. She seems to always find the right deal for the right client. I would highly recommend Vicky due to her knowledge and also her being so down to earth. I love the fact that Vicky is straightforward, honest and she gets the job done! Thank you Vicky I appreciate all your help and highly recommend you!

- Tuan

"Vicky helped us find our dream home."

Vicky helped us find our dream home. Because we were first time homebuyers, we did not know much about real estate or what we wanted. She was very patient with us and guided us all the way. She helped us win the bidding war and she worked really really hard to get us our home.

- E.K

"Vicky is a great agent."

Vicky is a great agent. She was extremely responsive 24/7 and willing to answer all my questions. The best thing about working with her was that she was willing to help me through the WHOLE process, not just the actual purchase. For example, she helped me find a good deal for TV, found info for me for refinancing, and answered questions about my HOA. I bought the home about 10 months ago, and we still keep in touch about the house. i would definitely recommend her to my friends

- A.C